Mobile Radio Networks

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Wireless Networks (10 credits) includes two courses (5 credits each):

- Mobile Radio Networks (This page)

- Wireless Internet (see prof. Redondi page)



[15/04/2021] Slides sets on the second parte of the course have  been updated




Results exams: last updated file 


  1. The exam is mainly written. 
  2. During the written exam printouts of teaching material used during lectures cannot be used.


Suggested books:

Martin Sauter, From GSM to LTE-Advanced Pro and 5G: An Introduction to Mobile Networks and Mobile Broadband, Wiley, 2017.

Larry Peterson and Oguz Sunay, "5G Mobile Networks: A Systems Approach", Open textbook:


Teaching Material

MRN course slides


Video project:


  • Select a topic (see list below) - this project is for individual students
  • Read and study the suggested paper(s) related to the topics plus any material you can find yourself
  • Prepare an approx 15 min video lecture on the topic selecting the issues that you believe are most relevant (for the video you can use slides, board, or any other instrument you believe is appropriate)
  • Your target audience is the group of students attending the course, so assume their background knowledge is the one acquired through the topics covered in the course
  • Upload the video on youtube as hidden link and send the link to professor indicating also the video topic in the subject 


  • up to 2 point (scale of 30 points for MRN only) based on video quality.


  • Cloudification of RAN
  • Edge Computing in mobile networks
  • Network Slicing
  • Massive MIMO
  • any other topic that is pre-approved by prof. Capone

Folder with suggested readings for the lectures


Data analysis project:

Project Description:

See slides presented by Andrea Pimpinella


  • Participating to the project require signing a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
  • Individual participation or participation in teams of two students is allowed


  • Attend lectures by PhD student Andrea Pimpinella
  • Send an email with the name(s) and email(s) of team member(s) to Andrea Pimpinella.
  • Get the data set and work on it focusing on one or more of the objective (be creative)
  • Prepare a presentation of the work and send it to Andrea Pimpinella


  • up to 5 point (scale of 30 points for MRN only) based on project quality.

Projects Deadline:

  • both for video and data analysis projects, the deadline is the last exam date of September
  • VERY IMPORTANT: please note that the grade cannot be registered before submitting the project for evaluation and a grade already registered cannot be modified if you submit a project later. So, in case you have constraints due for instance to scholarships, it's your responsibility to organise your exam date and project submission accordingly.

Exam examples: 


Seminar slides on Optimization

The two sets of slides can be found here and here.
They are password protected, the password is the code of the Wireless Networks (10 credits) course. 
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